Laboratory of Thermoanalytical and Spectroscopic Research

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Laboratory of Thermoanalytical and Spectroscopic Research

Department of Analytical Chemistry

Faculty of Pharmacy

Medical University of Gdańsk


The Laboratory of Thermoanalytical and Spectroscopic Research at the Department of Analytical Chemistry is a core facility laboratory that was established under the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” program at the Medical University of Gdansk. Our unit specializes in testing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other raw materials and medicinal products using thermoanalytical and spectroscopic techniques. In addition, the Laboratory can offer substantive support and consultation opportunities for ongoing research and development projects, dedicated to employees, doctoral students at MUG and external entities.


  • Differential scanning calorimeter, Mettler ToledoDSC822e
  • FT-IR spectrometer, Nicolet 380-FT-IR, Thermo Fischer Scientific
  • Raman spectrometer, DXR Smart Raman Thermo Scientific, Thermo Fischer Scientific
  • Raman spectrometer, DXR Smart Raman Thermo Scientific, Thermo Fischer Scientific

  • Auxiliary equipment:
    Analytical scales, Mettler Toledo XA 105 Dual Range
    Tablet press machine, SPECAC
    Kamush LP400SMd laboratory stirrer


Application of thermoanalytical methods in pharmaceutical analysis and technology, and application of infrared spectroscopic methods (FTIR and Raman spectroscopy) in the analysis of raw materials and medicinal products, more specifically:

  • study of phase transformations
  • study of crystalline substances
  • eutectic detection
  • research related to the occurrence of polymorphism
  • identification of amorphous phases
  • detection of abnormalities
  • determination of solid dispersion system compositions
  • detection of hydrates and solvates.


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The laboratory will perform analyses according to individual orders with adaptation to specific needs of contractors. The cost of the service is priced individually.


Edyta Leyk, Ph.D.

Department of Analytical Chemistry
Medical University of Gdańsk
al. Gen. J. Hallera 107
80-416 Gdańsk

Phone +48 349 15 26

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