Physical Activity Metabolism Laboratory

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Physical Activity Metabolism Laboratory

Division of Bioenergetics and Physiology of Exercise

Faculty of Health Sciences with the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Medicine


The Division of Bioenergetics and Physiology of Exercise, which houses the Physical Activity Metabolism Laboratory. It is a state-of-the-art research unit focusing on studies aimed at preserving, enhancing and maintaining broadly defined vis vitalis – the force of life. Head of the Division, Prof. Jędrzej Antosiewicz has many years of experience gained from research grants and cooperation with centers at home and abroad.

The unit has equipment that allows research onhuman and animal material, as well as experiments strictly under cell culture conditions. The department has the capacity to study the broadly defined physiology and biochemistry of physical activity in humans and conduct research on animal models.

Analytical techniques used in the Laboratory employ flow cytometry technology, Magpix Luminex xmap device, Western Blot assay technique, Elisa immunoenzymatic assays, cell viability assays and cytotoxic activity of compounds (SRB Test), as well as preparation of biological specimens for further examinations involving steps such as separation of material specific for planned assays, including preservation of stable genetic material or using cryogenic conditions. The laboratory also carries out projects involving multi-week experiments on a large population with accompanying detailed analyses.


  • Magpix Luminex Xmap – an instrument using flow cytometry for simultaneous analysis of up to 100 determinations from a single sample
  • Optima XPN-80 Ultracentrifuge at maximum speed of 80.000 rpm, 548300 xg
  • Prod. Bio Rad equipment set for Western Blot analysis together with fluorescence reading on ImageQuant LAS 500
  • Laboratory equipped forcell culture: laminar Bioair, incubator, bath, Luna II cell count analyze=
  • Nautilus and Monarch measurement bikes, digital dynamometer, ammonia and lactic acid level analyzer
  • Equipment for field studies, such as the Zenithlab portable centrifuge, Dometic portable refrigerator


Publications based on research results obtained using our research equipment:

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The laboratory performs research and analysis according to individual projects. Service costs are valued individually.


Prof. Jędrzej Antosiewicz

Andżelika Borkowska, Ph.D.

Ulana Juhas, Ph.D.

Physical Activity Metabolism Laboratory
at theDivision of Bioenergetics and Physiology of Exercise
Medical University of Gdańsk
Dębinki 1 Street
80-211 Gdańsk

Phone: 58 349 14 56