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Laboratory of Psychometric Tools in Healthcare at the Department of Psychology of the MUG H-Metrica

At the H-Metrica Laboratory, we use our knowledge and experience to implement the best solutions and practices related to psychometric diagnosis in the field of health sciences. We invite research units and institutes, health care facilities, care facilities, mental health clinics as well as enterprises to use our services. We can help you to plan psychometric tasks at selected stages of research or conduct a comprehensive psychological diagnosis.

When and why should you contact us?

If you want to enrich your clinical research with a component of the mental functioning of the respondents, we will indicate which tests or questionnaires to use in the study, we will help you to choose the appropriate psychometric diagnosis tools to meet specific research needs.
If there are no good tools available for measuring the variables you have selected, we will help you to design and evaluate them, we will provide support in the process of creating new psychometric tools.
If you need a professional analysis of psychometric data, we will conduct a reliability and validity analysis, data modelling, implement machine learning schemes, and prepare a graphical presentation of data.
If you are preparing or implementing a research project, we will help you to include psychological aspects in the description of the project, evaluate the study and justify its cost.
If you are planning or implementing a diagnostic project, we will help you to choose the best diagnostic tools and persons authorized to carry out tests, we will also help in the interpretation of the obtained results and the preparation of a summary report or a scientific publication.

Terms of cooperation

Some of the Laboratory’s services are available free of charge to all employees and organizational units of the MUG (including research planning and selection of diagnostic tools for the needs of ongoing research projects).
In case of larger projects and a wider scope of cooperation, we will set the terms individually.
Please contact us by e-mail

Our team


Dr. Habil. Magdalena Błażek, Assoc. Prof. of the MUG
Head of psychological diagnosis
A psychologist with many years of diagnostic experience in the field of personality diagnosis and various emotional and cognitive competences of a person. Practitioner, researcher and educator. She has issued about three thousand psychological opinions about individuals and entire family systems. In her research work, she focuses not only on the search for risk factors, but also factors that protect human health and well-being.


Dr. Habil. Paweł Jurek, Assoc. Prof. of the UG
Research methodology and psychometrics manager
Psychologist and expert in social research methodology. For many years he has been working in research and implementation projects in the field of organizational psychology. Author or co-author of many diagnostic methods, including tests, questionnaires and tools supporting direct observation. Expert in modelling of data complying information from psychological measurement.


Michał Olech, Ph.D.
Executive manager, data analysis expert
Mathematician with extensive experience in conducting data analyzes in the field of psychometry (validation and adaptation of measurement tools) and modelling data in the field of social sciences (including regression, multi-level models, SEM). Practitioner and educator of the R. language. Co-author of many measurement methods in psychology (including Klimat4, Mindset or Profilset). He also has practical experience in the implementation of consulting, training and research projects.