Podcasts – what we should know and how to take care of ourselves at work

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Podcasts – what we should know and how to take care of ourselves at work

Each month, the site will feature a new podcast recorded specifically with our employees in mind. Danuta Rocławska will be our guest. Conversations with the expert, and sometimes with guests invited by her, will be moderated by Zuzanna Piechowicz – journalist associated with TOK FM radio for the past several years, where she hosts programs dedicated to building a satisfying professional life, as well as psycho-education and mental health.

Why podcasts?

Because it is an audience-friendly, effective, and accessible formula for communicating information. It provides a break from the screen we spend hours in front of every day. You can listen to them while exercising, walking, traveling, and on the way to work.

What could you learn by listening to the podcast?

– the issue of professional burnout and how it differs from exhaustion and stagnation;

– how professional burnout can be recognized and which symptoms you should pay special attention to;

– what are the most important principles of burnout prevention;

– who is particularly vulnerable to a burnout crisis and what characteristics support balance;

– what habits characterize resilient people;

– whether representatives of the medical and scientific communities are at particular risk for professional burnout;

– where to find support.