Incubator – we know the winners

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Incubator – we know the winners


Realizing the program “Initiative of Excellence – Research University”, the Medical University of Gdańsk has started the call for applications for research and development projects under the measure Incubator. The program provides an opportunity to receive up to 150 thousand PLN of support for a single project including, among others, costs of laboratory work, purchase of materials and raw materials, or research services necessary for the proper implementation of the measure. The allocation of funds for the current call for proposals is 450 thousand PLN.The Incubator supports projects whose technological maturity ranges from TRL IV to TRL VI (prototype phase) on the Technology Readiness Level scale, especially if their subject matter falls within the scope of the Priority Research Areas.

In the first call, 10 applications were submitted for consideration. After a series of discussions with project managers, it was recommended to grant funding to the authors of the best three, i.e:

  • Paweł Wityk, Ph.D. Eng. for the implementation of the project PoCT platform for urosepsis screening based on photonic sensors (funding in the amount of PLN 148 000),
  • Prof. Jacek Zieliński for implementation of the project Innovative device for evaluation of skin flap tension in extensive oncological operations (grant amount: PLN 100,000),
  • Prof. Michał Pikuła for implementation of the project _Innovative composition of dermatological compounds with protective and proregenerative effect (grant amount: PLN 150 000).

Congratulations to the winners!

The Incubator is implemented by the Technology Transfer Office of the MUG..