In vivo research at the MUG – workshop

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In vivo research at the MUG – workshop


Coordinators of the Research Team V of the Priority Research Area No. 3, separated within the Excellence Initiative – Research University program, would like to invite you to a meeting entitled “In vivo research at the MUG – let’s get to know each other!”. The meeting will be held online, using the ClickMeeting platform on 20.10.2021 (Wednesday) from 12:30 to 14:00.


1. Prof. R.T. SmoleńskiThe role of in vivo research in the development of medicine and science.

2. Grażyna Peszyńska-Sularz V.M.D.Tri-City University Animal House – Research Services Centre as a place where science and business can meet and exchange human and “non-human” experiences.

3. Marta Tomczyk Ph.D.“Mice” in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases. Research models are available at the Department of Biochemistry.

4. Ryszard Milczarek Ph.D.Legal aspects of (co)working with animals.

5. Patrycja Koszałka Ph.D.The use of GMO and GMM in scientific research.

If you are interested in taking part in the event, please register using the following form: registration form.

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1. Via the website: link

2. Via the mobile app: Event ID: 834-241-537

More details about the activities of Basket V In vivo studies on the mechanism of disease and therapy can be found on the website of the Research Team.


Photo: Agnieszka Jakubiak/Tri-City University Animal – House Research Service Centre