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To unlock the full potential of the outstanding research teams of the Medical University of Gdańsk, the Centre for Service Excellence (Centrum Doskonałości Usług, CDU) was established within the “Initiative of Excellence – Research University” Program. The Unit aims to increase the effectiveness of scientific research by reducing the administrative burden on researchers. The perspective of improving activities focusing on the quality of the researcher’s experience in the implementation of research support services will enable the implementation of improvements, which will contribute to the greatest extent to increasing the added value in the Research Value Stream. The MUG’s unit implementing the assumptions of the IDUB Program in this area is the “Researchers Support Centre” Office, on the basis of which the Centre for Service Excellence will be established in the future.

The concept of implementing the main objective no.5 of the IDUB Program at the Medical University of Gdańsk (Improving the quality of university management, including pro-quality organizational changes) was created as part of the preparation for the development of the MUG’s research strategy by research (quantitative, qualitative) among scientists. Administrative barriers to conducting scientific activity were analyzed in detail and expectations regarding administrative support were collected. The respondents emphasized the importance of administrative burden as a significant factor reducing the effectiveness of research. The main objective of the planned activities is to significantly reduce the administrative burden on researchers in research projects (e.g. handling orders, handling trips, or reporting).

The continuous improvement of the organization’s functioning is very important for the MUG. The strategic direction of changes has been defined in the MUG’s Strategy (2019-2025). In the area of ​​University management, it was assumed that: the MUG is an efficient university, based on high organizational culture, supported by modern management methods. University’s Lean transformation, supporting the strategy of a research university will require activities aimed at increasing the effectiveness of conducted research.


Clinical data is one of the key significant resources in all activity fields of the Medical University of Gdańsk. As part of the the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Program the Data Bus project is underway to make effective use of medical data during research projects. Through development at various levels, the program will provide researchers with better access and opportunities to use a higher quality information base.


“Researchers Support Centre” Office
Medical University of Gdańsk
M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 3a
80-210 Gdańsk
Phone: 58 349 1859