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The Tri-City Academic Laboratory Animal Centre is currently one of the most modern facilities of this type in Poland and is an innovative base that allows for world-class research on animals. TALAC – RSC covers an area of 1100 m2, within which there are two separate passages behind a sanitary and hygienic barrier with 14 rooms for laboratory animals, used for breeding and keeping them, as well as for performing treatments and experimental procedures; quarantine; treatment rooms and utility facilities along with a fully automated washing room and sterilization room.

Within the Laboratory of Experimental Animals there are two separate lines behind the sanitary and hygienic barrier with 14 rooms intended for laboratory animals. These rooms are used for breeding mice and rats, keeping them, as well as performing treatments and experimental procedures on them. There is also a separate room for a conventional animal house for short-term keeping of animals. The team of the Laboratory consists of: veterinarians, biologists, zootechnicians and qualified technical personnel who completed training in the care of laboratory animals in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of June 20, 2007 (Journal of Laws No. 121 item 835). Employees with individual permits to perform experiments on animals participate in procedures with the use of laboratory animals.

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • a system that monitors the environmental conditions of animal facilities, such as temperature, humidity and pressure,
  • a system of 3-part locks for personnel, constituting a barrier,
  • air conditioning system with absolute HEPA filters,
  • appropriate lighting installation, water filtration system,
  • pass-through autoclaves,
  • disinfection chamber with hydrogen peroxide vaporizer,
  • modern washers for cages and bottles for animals.

Such standardized conditions allow breeding as well as keeping experimental animals of sanitary and hygienic standard, the so-called SPF (specific pathogen free – animals free from specific pathogens present in a given species). The primary task of the laboratory is to breed Wistar rats and strain mice C57BL/6J, DBA/2J, BALB/c. Caring for animals is mainly cleaning work, ensuring a high standard of hygiene. Each of the 14 rooms is fully cleaned once a week. The animals are transplanted into clean, sterilized cages with fresh bedding, and the entire room is carefully cleaned and disinfected. Room monitoring allows you to detect any parameter irregularities and quickly eliminate it. Only those prepared in this way can enter the barrier and the animal rooms. All breeding rooms are verified every day (including weekends and holidays). The animals are under the constant control of technical staff and breeders, so they are provided with the best care.

Tri-City Academic Laboratory Animal Centre

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