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University Clinical Centre


UCC is among the largest hospitals in Poland. University Clinical Centre (UCC) was established by the Medical University of Gdańsk in 1945 to concentrate medical services, offering comprehensive diagnostic and healthcare to its patients. Moreover, the building of the Centre of Invasive Medicine (CIM) commissioned in 2012 together with the Centre of Non-Invasive Medicine (CNIM) under construction will become one of the most modern medical centres not only in Poland but in Europe as well.

The collaboration between UCC and MUG makes available local patients the admittance to advanced technology, global medical knowledge, and clinical tests. Prominent experts are employed at UCC, taking advantage of its modern diagnostic and clinical facilities. The offer of UCC includes a whole range of medical services, such as advanced diagnostics, a variety of surgical procedures, rehabilitation, as well as palliative care. UCC offers most specializations that are available in the area of medical services. Due to its expertise, UCC condenses also a broad range of services for patients from other parts of Poland, for whom it is often the only centre of reference.

In addition to typical healthcare activity, UCC conducts educational programmes, focusing on preventive maintenance.