Central Biobank


In recent months, a new freezer room has been put into use in the building number 15. A temperature monitoring system has been installed in the freezers placed there, where both freezer users and employees of the MUG operating department can keep track of the temperature of freezers and receive alarm notifications via the website and mobile application. Measurement results are automatically collected and stored in the cloud with the possibility of their later analysis.

Currently, intensive work is underway on a similar solution that would allow remote monitoring of temperature and alarm situations in all MUGs freezers, regardless of their model and location. At the moment, MUG stocks 120 low-temperature freezers containing valuable collections of biological material. Only a small fraction of them are connected to the remote temperature monitoring system. The introduction of a uniform temperature monitoring system for freezers, with information about alarms reaching also to the employees of the MUG’s operation department, will allow for quick protection of endangered collections in emergency situations and ordering the repair of a broken freezer.

In addition to the freezer monitoring system, a program for managing the biological material collections stored in the MUG is also being developed. This program will allow MUG’s scientists to simultaneously visualize and map freezers, and to control the collection, processing and storage of samples and related data. Inventory and registration of all collections of biological material in the joint program will enable our scientists to have easy access to information on the rich and diverse collections of the MUG. In the long term, such solution will facilitate the establishment of interdisciplinary cooperation in scientific projects, contributing to the increase in the number of scientific publications in prestigious journals and to the expansion of the scientific and research portfolio of our University.

Inventory of biological material – we invite you to cooperation

The expanding collections of biological material can pose a challenge for their inventory and management. That is why we offer consulting assistance in matters of freezing mapping as well as organizing and electronic recording of the collected sample collections. An organized electronic sample register will facilitate collection management and enable quick and precise location of each sample by assigning them to a specific position in a box, rack, freezer shelf and freezer.

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