Clinical Research Support Centre

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The objectives of establishing the CRSC in years 2021-2026 are to consolidate activities aimed at developing a path increasing the quality of clinical trials and increasing the availability of patients to new therapies and treatment regimens. The CRSC will be a place intended for the implementation of non-commercial and commercial research, but also research projects, financed by means of a competition granted by the Medical Research Agencies, national and foreign institutions.

The establishment of the CRSC will contribute to increasing the competences of research teams and consequently, improving the qualifications of researchers, scientists and doctoral students. As part of the CRSC, a team for the development of commercial, non-commercial and scientific clinical researches will be established, which already at the stage of creating a scientific concept, will direct the academic community to the requirements for planning and implementing clinical trials and medical experiments.

This team will bring together experts with extensive experience in conducting research from various therapeutic points, e.g. cardiology, oncology.