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Our goal

The scientific potential of the Medical University of Gdańsk is over a thousand researchers and over three hundred doctoral students, active in publications fields in the national and international scientific circuit. The Excellence of Scientific Publications Unit was established with a view to them. The unit aims to provide comprehensive support for the communication of research results, particularly at the various stages of preparing English-language scientific publications.

How do we help?

We help to achieve the highest possible quality of language, editorial and graphic design of scientific articles and support their publication in the best scientific journals in the formula of Open Access.

In cooperation with the Main Library, we assist the Authors in the selection of such periodicals that guarantee wide readership and a high level of citation of the research results. The current, detailed list of scientific journals (divided into quartiles, deciles, and research areas, taking into account the current bibliometric parameters), which we present below, may prove helpful in making the choice. We support researchers who publish in the best journals by paying for Open Access publications ’’Open Access’’ Program.

We are in possession of database of cooperating companies that provide professional translation and proof reading services at the highest level (according to the requirements of the journals from the Philadelphia list). We will complete the needed service (The ’’Proof Reading’’ Program) on behalf of the author. Researchers who need support with the visual design of their text are encouraged to explore the possibilities offered by the Biorender platform. Support for the purchase of a licence can be obtained through the IDUB programme (The ’’Graphic Design’’ Program).

Journals with IF 2021 quartiles deciles PRA Clinical Medicine Shanghai (1.72 MB)

With the end of June this year, Clarivate published the new Impact Factor values for scientific journals (IF 2020), an annual ranking that shows the impact value of scientific journals. Due to the need to update the information on quartiles and percentiles of journals based on this ranking, the available database should be considered as indicative. Verification of a journal’s current IF value is possible directly at the Bibliographic Department of the MUG. The updated table will be shared as soon as possible.

Planned service development

We are working to set up a system to allow researchers to “internally review” the merits of manuscripts of papers before they are sent for publication. This system will be based on collaboration with interested University staff (including retired professors affiliated with the University) and collaborating researchers (including visiting professors). We also plan to organise workshops devoted to improving the skills of presenting research results, both in the form of publications and conference presentations.

We also encourage everyone interested in popularizing the results of their work to get acquainted with the Science is People and Nauka to ludzie websites, where we present the achievements of the employees of the Medical University of Gdańsk in a form of short films.

Worth knowing

Authors can publish their manuscripts before official publication in a scientific journal by using open platforms www.medrxiv.org and www.biorxiv.org. Manuscripts published there are not subjected to the peer-review process, they undergo only a basic content verification. The assumption is that the peer-review process will take place after they have been submitted to the editors of the target journals or the text is already in the process.

Using the above platforms has three undoubted advantages:

- from the moment the manuscript is posted on the platform, the work is citable,

- other researchers can comment on it, and their suggestions can help improve the article,

- the ongoing monitoring of published papers gives access to the latest research results that have not yet appeared in print

The portal is regularly used by researchers around the world to share their discoveries, and reputable scientific and research units support it in the process of employee evaluation. It can be useful due to the long review process in the best scientific journals.

Notice – Before placing a preprint in one of the indicated repositories, authors should read the policy of the publisher of the journal in which the full version of the article is to be published. This can be done, for example by using the SHERPA/RoMEO website and make sure that the guidelines of the publishing house are followed.

In case of additional questions questions about the SHERPA/RoMEO service, please contact the Bibliographic Division, Main Library of the Medical University of Gdańsk phone number (58) 349 10 43.




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