Centre of Medical Innovations Ltd.

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Centre of Medical Innovations Ltd.


Centre of Medical Innovations Ltd. (CMI Ltd.) is a special purpose vehicle company established by MUG in 2015 to manage intellectual property (IP) rights and, consequently, the commercialization of discoveries. The Company follows its agenda by acquiring shares in capital companies, establishing capital companies to implement results of scientific research and development work at the University. The core business of CMI Ltd. includes: analysing the implementation potential of scientific research results, selecting an optimum method of commercialising scientific achievements in collaboration with authors and entrepreneurs concerned, and informing business environment of MUG’s offer.

CMI Ltd. holds shares in three spin-offs:

- Poltreg JSC (its main objective is to commercialise the TREG method, involving the increased scale of UCC’s therapies using the TREG preparation to produce vaccination to cure type 1 diabetes among children);

- Detoxed Ltd. (it commercializes a fast diagnostic set for detecting chemicals that imitate natural hormones in an organism and household environment, so-called endocrine active compounds);

- Gp4research Ltd. (it implements a research model where the focus is on a patient and his/her wellbeing, ‘a patient-centred approach’, which is to provide the maximum comfort of a patient during a clinical trial).

CMI Ltd. uses also the present experience from international cooperation of MUG (through TTO) with EIT Health. In 2018, MUG and CMI Ltd. collaborated within the EIT Health programme with 9 start-ups, including Biolumo Ltd., Holoroad Ltd., Harimata Ltd., Koatum Ltd., Magisk Ltd., Over Cloud Ltd., AssisTech Ltd., DiabetesLab Ltd,, and DEBN Ltd.

photo Paweł Sudara/MUG