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Platform of Imaging and Omics Analysis at the Department of Laboratory Medical Diagnostics – BioBank of the Medical University of Gdańsk


BioBank of the Department of Laboratory Medical Diagnostics (DLMD) at MUG is a unique structure of highly specialised laboratories with a biorepository adapted to translational research in a large scale. BioBank MUG is a strategic nodal biobank of the Consortium of Polish Biobank Network (PBN) BBMRI.PL, which operates under the patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. BBMRI.PL is a member of the European Network of Biobanks: Biobanking and BioMolecular Recourses Research Infrastructure (BBMRI-ERIC.EU) – the largest European scientific biomedical organization (European Research Infrastructure Consortium; ERIC). Laboratories of BioBank MUG make it possible to complete scientific research from the phase of molecular modelling to clinical trials (from bench to bedside) – including but not limited to innovative techniques of intravital imaging of cell and organ functions. Such tests are used to develop new possibilities in diagnostics and therapy with a molecular focus, used for developing personalised medicine. At BioBank MUG research are carried out by multidisciplinary teams of scientists within translational projects concerning diseases of affluence (circulatory system, cancer, and neurodegenerative disease) and rare diseases.

photo Paweł Sudara/MUG