The “Research Travel Grants” Internship Program

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“The “Research Travel Grants” Internship Program

support for scientific travel

– “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Program

As part of implementing the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Program, it is possible to cover up to 100% of the the costs related to the scientific internship abroad.

Details about the program are available in Extranet.

Current application deadlines:

  • I. Deadline until 30.06.2022 – adjudication of the call for applications by 31.07.2022,
  • II. Deadline until 30.09.2022 – conclusion of the call for proposals by 31.10.2022,
  • III. Deadline until 31.12.2022 – conclusion of the call for proposals by 30.01.2022.
  • IV. Deadline until 31.03.2023 – completion of the call for proposals until 30.04.2023.

Applications should be directed to the Administration Department for the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Program: