Meeting of the MUG employees with authors of the IDUB application

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Meeting of the MUG employees with authors of the IDUB application


The Medical University of Gdańsk was selected to the elite group of 10 best Polish universities awarded in the prestigious competition “Initiative of Excellence – Research University” in 2019. As part of introducing the idea of the program to the academic community, on November 28, a meeting with all groups of employees of our University was organized.

The event began with the Rector’s traditional speech. Professor Gruchała emphasized that the MUG is the only medical university qualified to the top ten Research University in Poland and how significant this distinction is compared to other universities. Planned activities under the program were introduced by prof. Tomasz Bączek, Rector’s plenipotentiary for the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Program. Professor defined the main assumptions of the program in three priority research areas, which include: oncology; cardiology and cardiovascular medicine as well as biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology. Additional objectives were listed, include: growing importance of the MUG in the international scale, organizational culture reform, administrative relief for researchers. Concluding his speech, prof. Bączek thanked the university community for their help in developing the application and wished further satisfaction with the implementation of the program.

In the last part of the meeting leaders of the Priority Research Areas has spoken:

1. PRA 1 | Onkology – prof. Jacek Jassem

2. PRA 2 | Cardiology and cardiovascular medicine – prof. Krzysztof Narkiewicz

3. PRA 3 | Biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology – prof. Ryszard Tomasz Smoleński.

The meeting was an opportunity to present the rules for the implementation of various activities and providing answers to any questions or concerns regarding the program “Initiative of Excellence – Research University”.

photo Zbigniew Wszeborowski/MUG