MUG’s Priority Research Areas

StartMUG’s Priority Research Areas

As part of the implementation of the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” program, the Medical University of Gdańsk intends to support the potential of the most outstanding scientists and teams, working in the areas identified as priority.

PRA 1 / Oncology

Implementation of unique biomedical research that is important for a better understanding of the base of the disease, and its more effective treatment, e.g. evolution within cancer cells or tumor resistance to the treatment used.

PRA 2 / Cardiology and cardiovascular medicine

Innovative and interdisciplinary research focused on comprehensive analysis of the structure and function of the cardiovascular system and mechanisms of molecular control of the cardiovascular system, along with the development of the microcirculation pathology research program.

PRA 3 / Biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology

Development of a multifaceted research program on molecularly targeted predictors, that are used in translational medicine.

Priority Research Areas provide nearly 30 percent of all MUG’s publications.

New organizational solutions, in particular the development of core facilities, are of great importance. The possibility of cooperation of specialists from various disciplines, environments and countries in one place, will contribute to strengthening the research potential of the MUG as well as increasing the significance and impact range of research carried out at the University.

- Striving for strong, recognizable scientific achievements, particularly in the field of clinical medicine, we work on strengthening effective inner cooperation between the most ambitious clinicians and modern researchers in the areas of basic sciences: biochemistry, molecular biology and geneticist – says the Vice-Rector for Science Prof. Tomasz Bączek, Pharm.D.

The University intends to focus on comprehensive development of science, didactics and academic staff, including young scientists, carrying out tasks in the field of priority research areas. This is to be achieved by the simultaneous improvement of quality and internationalization of the didactic offer, as well as a significant increase in the participation of foreign partners in teaching the most talented students and Ph.D. students of the MUG.

- Very important for the commercialization of research conducted by scientists, is the implementation of other specific objectives that will facilitate synergy between science and business, and will increase the interest of investors and foreign entities in cooperation with our University – adds Prof. BączekWe are convinced that close cooperation with key Pomeranian universities – the Gdańsk University of Technology and the University of Gdańsk will facilitate research activities and allow the creation of new development and implementation mechanisms in key areas. In addition, it will increase our chances in competing for places in world rankings, comparable with the positions achieved by foreign partners of the MUG – universities from Glasgow, Utrecht or Uppsala in the field of clinical medicine.